Autoclavable Spray Bottle

Autoclavable  Spray Bottle
Product Description

Autoclavable Spray Bottle is made up of proprietary polypropylene compound which is pressure tight and water proof. It has excellent heat resistant to pressure & temperature and sprayer is capable for spraying 1ml per trigger. It can with stand repeated autoclaving at 121° for 20 min Or 3 mins with 135°C.  Water or hot water (Do not use scalding hot water.)  Other neutral chemicals (An organic solvent is ASB-500 not available although it is neutral.)

The Application :

For storage & spray of sterile-Isopropyl alcohol for disinfection.-Cresol.-Oxydol.-Sodium hypochlorite liquid.-Organic solvent- Aldehydedisinfection liquid.

  • Spraying each chemical after autoclaved
  • Sterilization of an entire spray bottle.
  • Repetitive autoclaved sterilization is
  • Possible even after spraying

Available Chemical Tested :

  • Ethanol for Disinfection.
  • Benzalkoniumchloride 0.2% solution
  • positive surfactant).
  • Alkyl diaminoethylglycinehydrochloride
  • 0.2% solution (amphotericsurfactant).
  • Chlorhexidinegluconate0.05% solution
  • Acrinol0.2% solution.
  • Iodine-based disinfectant

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